Tuesday, 2 August 2011

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Whisky and Food by Jan Groth and Arne Adler 


Jan Groth is Global Scotch Brand Ambassador for Diageo, the largest group of whisky producers in the world. He feels privileged to be able to teach people everything they need to know about whisky, learn from the best in the business and discuss food and whisky with chefs and celebrities.

In this book, Jan Groth describes his own and other people’s favourite whiskies. It is a cookery book in disguise, in which foods and fl avours are communicated through anecdotes and travel accounts in a most delicious way. It also includes useful tips on how whisky and food work together as well as a multitude of mouth watering whisky-inspired recipes by professional chefs.
This book is full of great pictures by Arne Adler of equally great food photographed in scenic inland and seaside locations across Scotland. Inspiring recipes and top of the line whiskies such as Talisker, Caol Ila and Ardbeg contribute to the pleasures of combining food and whisky, turning us all into whisky ambassadors.
Slainté Maith! Dinner is served- YUM!

Take a look at the extract below and experience the perfect whisky dinner today!

Publishing date: September 2011
RRP: £ 18.99

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